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Putin Says Attempts To Isolate North Korea, Iraq, Or Belarus From International Communication Are Erroneous

Vladimir Putin considers erroneous the attempts to isolate North Korea, Iraq, or Belarus, from international communication. He said this Saturday in his interview with chiefs of US leading media in the Kremlin. According to the RIA Novosti correspondent, Putin said that Russia maintained relations with these countries, but had "relations of a special kind" with each of them. These relations are absolutely transparent, the Russian president stressed. Putin said about the North Korea that this country "is our neighbour", noting that a lot of people of Korean origin lived in Russia. "As well as the United States, we want peace to establish on the Korean peninsula, and conditions for positive development of the Korean nation to take shape," Putin said. According to him, "Korea's involvement in global processes is quite a positive trend." As for Iraq, Putin emphasized that Russia's position with regard to the situation in this country is absolutely devoid of any confrontation and is not at odds with the opinion of the world community". "In fact, the President said, we have common goals there." "In a nutshell, our position is to make sure that Iraq has no more mass destruction weapons and has totally discontinued their production." However, Putin doubted that this might be achieved through toughening the sanctions. According to him, Russia's proposal is "to make the Iraqi government admit international observers to facilities, the international community is interested in, and lift the sanctions". At the same time, according to the Russian president "this process is rather complicated" and so far the Iraqi government would not agree to this. Putin said with regards to Belarus, that Russia had "special relations" with this country. According to him, both nations "aspire to establishment of some joint state structures." "It would be silly to neglect this," Russian president said.

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