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Russo-Swedish espionage scandal

11.11.2002 | Source:



The Swedish government has taken a decision to expel two Russian diplomats. The Swedish Foreign Ministry's press service reported on Monday morning that the Russian embassy had been notified that two Russian diplomats had been declared personae non grata for activities that did not correspond to their diplomatic status.

Both diplomats, according to the Swedish ministry's press service, have already left the country.

According to Swedish media, the diplomats' expulsion is linked with research amounting to industrial espionage against the Swedish telecommunications giant Ericsson.

Sweden's state security service reported on November 6th that three Swedish citizens had been detained on suspicion of being involved in industrial espionage on Tuesday November 5th on the outskirts of Stockholm. One of those arrested is thought to be the main figure in the affair and it is believed that over a certain period of time he handed over secret documents about the Swedish company to a foreign intelligence service. He was detained while allegedly making a drop.

The detained suspects have denied any involvement in criminal activity.

Ericsson is Sweden's leading telecommunications company and is involved, in particular, in the development of hi-tech systems and the launch of electronic equipment.


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