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U.S. Government Allocates Usd 3.5 Million To Kirghizia For Border Consolidation

The U.S. is prepared to allocate about USD 3.5 million to the government of Kirghizia in 2002 for technical equipment of the republican border. According to U.S. ambassador to Kirghizia John O'Keefe, the U.S. programme of assistance to Kirghizia will encompass a number of other spheres. The U.S. has developed this programme with regard to Kirghizia's efforts to expand its activity within the anti- terrorist operation in Afghanistan. "Other states of the Central Asian region, who, like Kirghizia, expressed their readiness to cooperate with the anti-terrorist coalition, can reckon on U.S. financial aid oriented towards ensuring national security and stability," the U.S. ambassador noted. According to him, the USA is currently preparing for a new stage of the anti-terrorist operation in Afghanistan, since the first stage of the military campaign has been almost completed. The next stage of the anti-Taliban operation will take 12-18 months and its holding will require active assistance of some Central Asian countries, John O'Keefe believes.

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