Source Pravda.Ru

Israeli Prime Minister refuses to budge over Jerusalem construction

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is amenable to an interim agreement in the West Bank that would include the establishment of a Palestinian state within temporary borders.

Netanyahu considers such an interim step a possible way to unfreeze the stalled political process that was created because of the Palestinian leadership's refusal to resume talks on a final settlement. However, the prime minister insists on delaying discussion on the final status of Jerusalem to the end of the process, and refuses to agree to a freeze on Jewish construction in East Jerusalem, Ha'aretz informs.

There was no immediate comment from either leader on the front-page report published as the U.S. Middle East envoy, George Mitchell, was expected to meet separately with Netanyahu and Abbas, in a fresh push to resume their stalled negotiations.

Netanyahu was said to be seeking a package deal with Washington to delay further discussion on settlements by forging a Palestinian state with provisional borders in exchange for which Israel would avoid unspecified "provocations.", Reuters reports.