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Iraqi opposition does not want to have US troops in Iraq

Ayad Alawi, Chairman of the opposition Iraqi Movement for National Consent said Thursday that the Iraqi opposition did not want to have the U.S. troops in the country, RIA Novosti reports.

He stressed that representatives of the Iraqi opposition had not even discussed the issue concerning the U.S. invasion in Iraq during the recent negotiations with the U.S. administration. 'We have discussed two issues; the first one concerning the U.S. support of Iraqi population and the second one concerning protect from Saddam Hussayn's revenge', said Mr. Alawi.

According to Mr. Alawi, the USA will support a rebellion of the Iraqi people against the present regime in Baghdad, but if the rebellion fails, the USA will attack Iraq.

The representative of the Iraqi opposition believes that Baghdad can make preventive strikes on some Arab countries and that will make them withdraw from the U.S. military operation against Iraq.

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