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India holds joint exercises with U.S

The Indian and US navies are conducting a salvage exercise off the Kerala coast in Southern India from September 12 to 23.

The exercise, called Salvex, is the first combined diving manoeuvre being conducted by the two navies. "The Indian navy and US navy regularly conduct the Malabar series of bilateral exercises. Salvex, being conducted off Kochi, is part of this ongoing cooperation. This particular exercise will focus on diving salvage operations," said a joint statement.

The US naval ship USS Safeguard is participating in the exercise. A diving team and INS Matanga will represent the Indian navy. The exercise will include the deployment of underwater salvage teams comprising divers from both the navies.

The harbour phase of the exercise includes training and professional discussions between the navies. The US personnel will also visit the Indian navy’s diving training establishment at Kochi.

The Indian air force will also carry out a joint exercise with its US counterpart at West Bengal’s Kalaikunda airbase under the Eastern Air Command in the first week of November, the AKI reports.

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