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Spaniard infected 276 patients with Hepatitis C

A prosecutor is seeking a 2,214-year jail term for a Spanish anaesthetist accused of infecting 276 patients with Hepatitis C between 1988 and 1998 in the eastern city of Valencia.

Four of the cases against him are for homicide as the patients died.

Juan Maeso, 63, who worked in two hospitals in Valencia and was a morphine addict, allegedly administered a portion of drugs intended for patients to himself and then injected the remainder of the syringe's contents into the patients.

He is believed to have infected 276 patients who underwent surgery with the hepatitis C virus, including 17 minors.

If found guilty, Maeso will face a maximum sentence of 24 years.

The trial is to begin Monday and will last for at least a year.

Besides the jail term, the prosecutor is seeking €28 million in damages, the AP reports.

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