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Kiev officials give no information on postponement of Timoshenko's visit to Moscow

The Ukrainian government has neither confirmed nor denied the information on the postponement of Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko's visit to Moscow.

There is no official information to this effect, First Vice Premier Anatoly Kinakh told journalists.

"I assume the press service [of Timoshenko] will issue an official statement. However, we took much effort to prepare this visit," Kinakh said.

"Ukrainian Foreign Minister Boris Tarasyuk is to discuss the issue with the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow and other organizations in charge of the visit preparations," Vice Premier Oleg Rybachuk told journalists.

The postponement of the visit is "abnormal," Rybachuk stressed adding that it should not "affect Russian-Ukrainian interstate relations."

The Russian embassy in Ukraine has not officially reaffirmed the postponement of Timoshenko's visit either.

Yulia Timoshenko was expected to visit Moscow on April 15-16.

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