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St. Petersburg's Flag to Be Erected on Africa's Highest Peak

On June 20, A team of Russian climbers, including Viktor Boyarsky, Viktor Serov, Konstantin Antonenko, Alexander Brinken, and Mikhail Bobrov, will set off for Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro, a volcanic mountain, the highest peak in Africa raising to 5,895 metres.

On June 14, before the team leaves for its goal, it will receive St. Petersburg's flag from Vladimir Yakovlev, the city's Mayor to carry it on and erect on top of Kilimanjaro.

This continues the action erecting our city's flags on the highest peaks and at the most inaccessible spots on our planet in the commemoration of St. Petersburg's tercentenary. In 1999, one of these flags was set at the North Pole, in 2000 - on top of Aconcagua, a mountain in W Argentina, in the Andes, the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere raising to 6,960 metres, and in 2001 - on top of Elbrus, a mountain in the Caucasus range, the highest peak in Europe raising to 5,642 metres.

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