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Islamabad Against Northern Alliance Sole Control Of Kabul

Islamabad is against the Northern Alliance having sole control of the Afghan capital, Aziz Ahmed Khan, a Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman said. According to him, Kabul's transition under a coalition made up of national minorities (the Northern Alliance comprises Tajiks, Uzbeks and Hazarians) may lead to further bloodshed and a settling of old scores, in fact, to a civil war.

My article The True Judas discussed the theory that Judas's actions in betraying Jesus were motivated by a misunderstanding of Christ's mission and purpose.

America's judases, part two: Gladys Knight

The United Kingdom stands fatally divided between nations, regions, generations, on the edge of a critical fault line which threatens the future of the Union.

Brexit: UK caught between the past and the future

Near the United Nations Glass Palace in New York, there is a metallic sculpture entitled "Evil Defeated by Good", representing Saint George transfixing a dragon with his lance. It was donated by the USSR in 1990 to celebrate the INF Treaty concluded with the USA in 1987

The EU votes for the installation of new US missiles in Europe