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George W.Bush: Vladimir Putin Is The First Foreign Leader To Visit My Ranch

Addressing a group of Russian journalists in the Roosevelt Hall of the White House shortly before the Russian president's arrival in the USA, US President George W.Bush said Vladimir Putin would be the first foreign leader to visit his ranch. The program of Putin's visit includes "a less formal part" -- the one that envisages a trip to the ranch, said Bush, adding that he was looking forward to welcoming the Russian presidential couple at home, where a swing band from Texas and some "very good roasted meat" would be waiting for the high guests on Wednesday evening. "I'd like to show him my favorite spots at the ranch," went on Bush, who is waiting for a chance to "speak about our common interests, dreams, goals and the best ways of helping each other achieve peace and prosperity." "We sure have a lot of work to do at the ranch," remarked the president, who believes Putin's knowledge of English and Lyudmila Putin's fluent Spanish will allow him to communicate with them without an interpreter if necessary.

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