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Speaker Of Russian Parliament: World Community Will Not Ignore US Intention To Withdraw From ABM Treaty

The world community will not ignore the US intention to withdraw from the US-Russian ABM Treaty of 1972, despite the fact that "the treaty is bilateral". Chairman of the lower chamber of the Russian parliament Gennady Seleznev who is staying in the PRC on a visit in this way commented on the statement by US president George Bush that he had sent a proposal to withdraw from the ABM Treaty to the US Congress. The Chairman of the State Duma noted that they had long been preparing for this and only now had made an official statement". As Seleznev figuratively said, "the sky will not fall onto the ground as a result of this step". Speaking of the consequences of the withdrawal of the USA from the ABM Treaty for Russia and China, the chairman of the lower chamber of the Russian parliament stated that "our countries have reliable security systems". According to him, "we have what to answer with in the new realities, we have 'umbrellas'". At the same time Seleznev pointed out that during the setting up of the Russian system of security "we never made plans for attacking any country but only for defence". Gennady Seleznev also holds the view that the withdrawal of the USA from the ABM Treaty "is a serious ground for development of Russian-Chinese relations according to a more energetic scenario".

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