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Russian Navy assigned diplomatic missions

14.08.2002 | Source:



Combat ships of the Russian Navy continue to carry out military diplomatic missions. Two vessels of the Northern Fleet--the submarine chaser Admiral Chebanenko and the tanker Osipov--are currently on a distant cruise, Naval Commander-in-Chief aide Igor Dygalo said Wednesday. The ships have visited the port of Reykjavik, Iceland, and on August 22 are to arrive in Plymouth, Great Britain, to take part in the Royal Navy celebrations.

The October plans of international cooperation include a cruise of the landing ship Azov, of the Black Sea Fleet, to the port of Pylos, in Greece, which will coincide with an anniversary of the naval battle of Navarino. The Azov is also expected to visit the island of Corfu, where it will take part in celebrations in memory of Admiral Fyodr Ushakov.


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