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Serbian Foreign Minister heads to New York to question Kosovo’s independence

Serbia's Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic headed to New York on Thursday to seek U.N. support for his country's plan to question Kosovo's independence at the International Court of Justice.

Jeremic will submit a resolution to the U.N. General Assembly seeking an opinion from the Netherlands-based court about the legality of Kosovo's secession from Serbia, the Foreign Ministry said.

Belgrade would need to persuade a majority of U.N. member states to vote to make such a request to the World Court in The Hague, the principal judicial body of the United Nations.

The court's opinion would be nonbinding. But Jeremic said on the eve of his trip that Serbia hopes the court would state that Kosovo's secession was in violation of the international law. This, Jeremic argues, would avert further recognition of Kosovo.

"That would also create ground for us to return to the negotiating table," Jeremic said.

The General Assembly meeting will be held next month.

The declaration of independence in February by predominantly ethnic Albanian Kosovo has won recognition from the United States and most EU countries. Serbia - backed by its ally Russia - has refused to endorse the split.

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