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Fidel Castro celebrates 87th anniversary after 638 attempts on his life

The Cubans have celebrated the 87th anniversary of their national leader Fidel Castro. The legendary revolutionary himself preferred to spend the day with his friends and relatives. 

Festivities, concerts and sporting events were conducted all over the island. In Havana, the XXIII Art Fair was opened displaying the work of well-known Cuban artists.

Despite all the love of his people, Castro has not made a public appearance for more than a year already. Having retired from politics and handed over his work to his brother Raul, Fidel dedicated his time to writing memoirs and political articles.

It should be noted that Fidel does have a story to tell. Even at his old age, Fidel Castro became the first person, who made an entry into Guinness Book of Records. He has survived 638 attempts on his life. Some of those attacks were sophisticated - for example, poison in a cigar and a bomb in a baseball.



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