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Condoleezza Rice: During Anti-Terrorist Campaign Russia Showed Its Worth As A Very Generous U.S. Partner

Russia has shown its worth as a very generous partner, wishing sincerely to cooperate along several lines in the U.S. anti-terrorist campaign. Condoleezza Rice, the US president's special assistant for national security affairs, said this in an exclusive interview to the Izvestia daily to be published on Monday. As she noted, Washington realises pretty well that participants in the anti-terrorist coalition can make different contributions to the effort. At the same time, there may be different limits to their participation in this struggle. In Condoleezza Rice's words, Russia shares its intelligence information with the United States, it has opened its air space for it, and it doesn't rule out its participation in future search and rescue operations. This is of great help to us, she stressed. Rice noted that the United States couldn't ask for more from Russia now. At the same time, she believes that some new spheres for our countries' successful cooperation may emerge as the battle against international terrorism grows in scope and scale.

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