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Putin Heads From Waco To Bush's Crawford Ranch - 14 November, 2001 - News

Russian President Vladimir Putin has boarded a helicopter that is taking him to President Bush's ranch in Crawford, which is set to become a scene of the second part of the US-Russian summit. A RIA Novosti correspondent says that after walking down the plane gangway, Putin first headed for the helicopter, but then turned to see the cheering local citizens who had gathered at the airport to welcome the Russian leader. An orchestra of the local Baylor University undergraduates was also there to cheer the President. Putin shook hands with many Waco residents. After that, he did board the helicopter and flew to President George W. Bush ranch in Crawford. RIA Novosti reports the Russian President was rather casually dress ahead of the journey to the ranch, sporting black jeans and a gray T-shirt. Speaking to RIA Novosti and the RTR state television, Waco Mayor Linda Ethridge said the city was happy President Putin had traveled there. She said Texas was a place to go for the Russian leader to really get to know America. "We hope presidents Bush and Putin have a good meeting," the Mayor added in remarks dubbed into Russian referring to the current situation in the world. "We're ready to contribute to the success of that meeting as best we can."

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