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Moscow welcomes Thailand decision to preserve privileged visa regime for Russian citizens

14.11.2002 | Source:



Moscow welcomes the decision taken by Thailand to preserve the privileged visa regime for Russian citizens, the press and information department of the Russian foreign ministry declared on Thursday. After the September 11 terrorist acts perpetrated in the USA, the authorities of Thailand said they may reduce the number of countries which have a privileged visa regime. In compliance with this decision the Russian citizens could also be deprived of visa privileges.

The Russian side pointed out many times during contacts with the Thai official representatives that the change of the existing practice may negatively influence the bilateral ties, above all in the sphere of tourism.

In October, the Thai prime minister paid an official visit to Russia and was informed about these considerations. He declared that his country is going to preserve the now existing visa regime in respect to Russia. Several days ago Bangkok declared it took the corresponding decision.

It will contribute to the positive dynamics of the Russian-Thai relations, the foreign ministry stressed.


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