Source Pravda.Ru

India Deals with Aftermath of Deadly Cyclone that Killed at least 112

Authorities began distributing rice, dried fruits, water pouches and tarpaulin sheets Thursday to the victims of a deadly cyclone that demolished ten of thousands of mud huts in northeastern India, killing at least 112 villagers.

Rescuers also cleared hundreds of uprooted trees blocking road access to the devastated region, said Vyasji, a Bihar state disaster management official. He uses one name , The Associated Press says.

Medical and food supplies have been rushed to the area after the cyclone struck overnight on Tuesday.

The worst-hit area is the eastern Indian state of Bihar with 76 deaths. Officials said 42 people had died in the north-eastern areas of West Bengal state and five people were killed in Assam. At least seven people were killed in the Bangladeshi state of Rangpur. It is the most violent storm in this area since Cyclone Aila hit eastern India and Bangladesh in May last year, killing more than 150 people, BBC News informs.

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