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U.S. losing its allies in Iraq

15.07.2005 | Source:



South Korea is afraid of becoming the next victim of terrorists, that's why its lawmakers call for withdrawal of South Korean troops troops from Iraq.

A group of lawmakers submitted a resolution to the National Assembly on Friday calling for the withdrawal of the more than 3,000 South Korean troops from Iraq following last week's terrorist attacks in London.

"There is a high possibility that South Korea could be the next target of terrorism," 31 opposition and ruling party lawmakers said in a statement. "To prevent terrorist attacks in the country we should get rid of the root cause and the only way to do that is withdrawing troops."

South Korea deployed nearly 3,600 troops in northern Irbil last year to help with reconstruction in postwar Iraq. It is the third-largest military contingent in Iraq after the United States and Britain, says the AP.

The National Assembly in December approved an extension of the South Korean mission in Iraq through 2005. Last month, Defense Minister Yoon Kwang-ung said the government plans to seek lawmakers' approval for another extension.

PRAVDA.Ru earlier reported, that Britain is considering plans to withdraw its 8,500 troops troops from Iraq.


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