Source Pravda.Ru

Russia ready to aid Georgia in eliminating terrorists

Georgian authorities should at last take measures for fulfilling theirliabilities for fighting terrorism and eliminating terrorist hearths in thePankisi Gorge. Russia is ready to render it necessary assistance regardingthis matter, the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry released by theMinistry's information and press department today, says.In Brussels, the European Council published a statement expressing seriousconcern "about the rising tension on the Russian-Georgian border". The EUcalls "all parties" to exercise restraint and to respect theirinternational obligations, including territorial integrity of all countriesin the region, and encourages the parties to undertake all possible effortsto reduce the current tensions and to refrain from any activities orstatements that could exacerbate them. Commenting on this statement, theRussian Foreign Ministry pointed out that it was strange not to mention thereason for the growth of tension on the Russian-Georgian border in thisstatement, which was aggressive activities of Chechen militants againstRussia from their bases in Georgia. The statement does not even touch uponthe necessity to fight terrorism, the Ministry points out. "We are sorry tostate that the mentioned EU statement does not serve the goal of themobilization of the world community's efforts for fighting world terrorism;on the contrary, it distracts it from solving practical tasks oneliminating a real threat to security and stability, including in theCaucasus", the document of the Russian Foreign Ministry says..