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The Visit To Moscow By The British Vice Prime Minister Must Serve Strengthening The Coalition For Combatting Terrorism

The two-day visit to Moscow by British Vice Prime Minister John Prescott, which starts on Monday, must serve further strengthening the international coalition for combating terrorism. This opinion was expressed by official spokesman for Downing Street. According to him, before his leaving for Moscow Prescott was fully informed by Prime Minister Tony Blair about the results of his trip to the Middle East last week. It can be expected in view of this, that British Vice Prime Minister will tell the Russian leadership about London's steps for expanding the anti-terrorist coalition in the Arab world. The spokesman said that Prescott's trip to Moscow would be the third British high-level visit to Russia during the last ten days. Since October 4, Tony Blair and Defence Secretary Geoffrey Hoon have already visited the Russian capital and conducted negotiations with the leadership of Russia.

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