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Michael Jackson stays in hospital for flu treatment

Pop legend &to=http://' target=_blank>Michael Jackson remained in a California hospital Wednesday morning one day after he was rushed to the emergency room, delaying his child sex trial for a week.

Jackson was put on an intravenous drip and treated for a "flu-like" illness, according to doctors at Santa Maria's Marian Medical Center, just a few kilometers (miles) from the courthouse where his trial is set to resume next week.

His younger brother Randy Jackson said the pop star had been unwell since the weekend but insisted on appearing in court on Monday, writes the Turkish Press.

Jackson's parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson, are on their way to the Marian &to=http://' target=_blank>Medical Center in the California town of Santa Maria to see their famous son.

Doctors at the hospital said Monday that Jackson, 46, was being trated for a "flu-like illness with some vomiting."

"His release from hospital will be when he is stable and well enough to go home," said Chuck Merrill, an emergency physician at the hospital, says Channel News Asia.

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