Source Pravda.Ru

Flash Floods and Torrential Rain Kill at Least 15 in the South of France

At least fifteen people are reported to have been killed after torrential rain led to flooding in the south of France. 12 people are missing and others are being evacuated from campsites in the region.

Worst hit have been the departments of the Var, and Bouches du Rhone but other regions including Provence, the Cote d’Azur and Corsica are all monitoring the situation.

Airports at Toulon and Hyeres were closed after more than 18 centimetres of rain fell in just 12 hours on runways, Euronews reports.

Meteo France meteorological service has forecast more rain for the region overnight Wednesday.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy sent condolences to residents and thanked emergency personnel.

In a statement, Sarkozy said his "first thoughts go out to the victims" and underscored his "solidarity with the inhabitants of the Var region who have had to go through this very difficult natural disaster," The Associated Press reports.

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