Source Pravda.Ru

Azerbaijan elections: Ilkham Aliyev - leading presidential candidate

At presidential elections in Azerbaijan, Ilkham Aliyev remains the leading presidential candidate.

According to the Central Election Commission of Azerbaijan, vote counting at 3,840 polling stations out of the total 5,111 has shown that Ilkham Aliyev, the son of incumbent president Geidar Aliyev, has garnered 79.81% of the vote, or 2,009,254 votes. According to the commission, about 4 mln people took part in the elections.

Under the election code, victory in the elections requires 50% of the votes plus one vote from the turnout. If election protocols from over 25% of polling stations are recognised invalid, Azerbaijan's Constitutional Court should announce the elections invalid as well.

The yet unchecked 1,271 polling stations make 25% of the total number.

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