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Maradona fined for speeding on German autobahn

17.06.2006 | Source:


Maradona fined for speeding on German autobahn

Diego Maradona was fined for speeding on a German autobahn, being clocked at 140 kph (87 miles) in an 80 kph (50 mph) zone, German police said Saturday.

The 1986 World Cup winner failed to slow his Volkswagen van on Thursday in an area where road work was underway and special speed limit signs were in place. Normally, people can drive as fast as they want on Germany's autobahns.

"He paid his Ђ95 ($120) and the matter was taken care of, like it happens a million times a day," said Guenter Noll, coordinator for the autobahn police in Arnsberg, central Germany.

Maradona was pulled over by police near Gelsenkirchen, the day before Argentina beat Serbia-Montenegro 6-0 there.

The 1986 World Cup winner's energetic dancing and cheering in the stands has proved a magnet for television cameras during his country's wins against Ivory Coast and Serbia-Montenegro, reports AP.



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