Source Pravda.Ru

Ukrainian Parliament votes for Ukraine's joining Single Economic Area

The Ukrainian parliament voted Wednesday for Ukraine's joining the Single Economic Area to be formed by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The Supreme Rada of Ukraine adopted a decree recommending President Kuchma to sign the Single Economic Area accession agreement. The agreement was supported by 291 legislators.

The Supreme Rada believes that each country joining the agreement will itself define the extent of its participation therein, the decree reads.

The Ukrainian Cabinet approved Wednesday the draft concept and agreement on the Single Economic Area establishment. The prime minister's spokesman Taras Avrakhov stressed that there is a reservation that Ukraine would only participate in those of the accession agreement provisions that do not contradict the country's Constitution and international agreements.

"The formation of the Single Economic Area must and will be implemented in the forms that do not hamper the implementation of Ukraine's course on European and Euro-Atlantic integration and will not impede its joining the WTO," Avrakhov stressed.

"The main objective is the formation of a free trade zone without any exceptions, and creating conditions for unobstructed movement of goods, services, labour force and capitals," he added.

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