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Session Of Russian-Korean Fishery Commission To Be Held In Seoul In Late November

The regular session of the Russian-Korean fishery commission is due to be held in Seoul in November 22-23rd, according to the State Fishery Committee. Chairman of the Fishery Committee Yevgeny Nazdratenko and South Korean Deputy Sea Affairs and Fishery Minister Hong Song Yong discussed Tuesday the prospects for Korean fishing in the Russian exclusive economic area. According to the Fishery Committee, they discussed, in particular, the quotas for South Korea on saury fishing. Nazdratenko promised that his board would do its best to provide for maintenance of saury fishing quotas for the Koreans at the expense of alternative fishing areas. Fishery will be banned in the Okhotskoye Sea from 2002. The South Korean companies quotas to catch 15,000 tons of saury at this year's fish auctions in Moscow. 26 South Korean, 26 North Korean, and 16 Ukrainian ships catch fish and sea products in the South Kurilas area. Japan strongly objects that third-party countries be granted fishery quotas near the South Kurilas.

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