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Two Muslim Activists Recently Arrested In Spain, Fought In Chechnya

17.11.2001 | Source:



Eleven leaders of radical Muslim organisations who were arrested in Spain on Tuesday, were handed over to the National Court Bar of Spain on Saturday. Baltasar Garzon, the Spanish investigative judge, will investigate their cases. According to certain sources in the Spanish police, at least two of the detainees were fighting in Chechnya. This statement had been proven by the video tapes submitted by the Russian side. Abu Moujen, an one-eyed Bosnian veteran who had British passport for David Charles Berges, had been in charge of a militants' battalion in Chechnya and had been wanted by Russian law-enforcement bodies for a long time. He penetrated Chechnya from Georgia many times having weapons, military equipment and money. Another detainee, Omar Desguies who also had a British passport for Ian Herald Frost, had also fought in Chechnya. According to the Spanish police, Moujen and Desguies were "members of a military council of Muslim guerillas in Chechnya." Videotape with these mercenaries surrounded by Chechen militants, was shot near Argun, a Chechen town. Both terrorists had come to Spain "on a vacation." The Spanish police has taken several photographs where they meet leaders of extremist organisations who called themselves "Spanish spokesmen for Osama bin Laden."


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