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Kandahar Hospital Lacks For Antibiotics And Doctors

The so-called Chinese hospital in Kandahar lackS for antibiotics and medical personnel, the UNI agency reports referring to a source in Kandahar. The Chinese hospital seats 180 beds. However, because of the lack of personnel, equipment and medicaments it may treat only 60-70 patients a week, while the number of needy is much higher. "A majority of patients have fragmentation and gun wounds," a senior male nurse of the hospital, Gulyam Mohammad, says. "Many of them have wounds in the abdomen which should be treated with drastic antibiotics which are lacking." According to the nurse, the Taliban forbade female doctors to work with their male colleagues. That's why there is the shortage of medics, especially surgeons and nurses, in the hospital. "There are female-surgeons and nurses in the city, but they are afraid of resuming work. We count on the new city administration headed by Gul Agha Shirzai to solve the cope with the current situation," Mohammad said.

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