Source Pravda.Ru

Russian Envoy: Caspian Sea countries don't need US help

The problems of the Caspian Sea should be solved by the nations of the region themselves without mediators, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Victor Kalyuzhny in a meeting with members of the international Caspian integration club today.

He told journalists about the outcome of the Caspian Sea status work group including agreements on several points of the convention concerning shipping, ecology, meteorology and more.

'We ourselves should decide how we want to live, interference from others only creates problems,' said Kalyuzhny. He also commented on the statement by US General Charles Wald about the preparedness of the US to provide security for the Caspian Sea region. 'Each Caspian Sea country is independent, has a developed economy and can settle legal arguments by itself,' said Kalyuzhny. 'In regard to investment problems, each country should decide with whom it wants to cooperate,' he said.

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