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EurAsEc Secretary General attaches priority to customs services

The customs services of the Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC) member states are called upon to play a major role in the establishment of priority conditions for the movement of commodities and services produced on these countries' territory, reported EurAsEC Secretary General Grigory Rapota in the wake of a routine meeting in Astana on Wednesday with First Deputy Chairman of the Kazakh Customs Control Agency Amaniyaz Yerzhanov.

Different aspects of cooperation between the Community member states' customs services were under discussion at the talks.

Rapota noted that to clearly coordinate the sides' activities in the sphere of customs control, a special body has been set up - the Council of the Heads of the EurAsEC member countries' customs and tax services, and it has already started working.

Grigory Rapota thinks the Kazakh Customs Service, as one of the most active participants in integration processes, plays an important role in the Council's work to look for optimal decisions in customs service cooperation.

Rapota's working visit to Kazakhstan is taking place within the framework of the preparation for a regular meeting of the EurAsEC Inter-State Council at the prime-ministerial level, scheduled to take place in Astana on September 20th.

The Community comprises Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan, with the states of Moldova and Ukraine having the status of observers under the EurAsEC.

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