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Revolution against regime of former Tunisian president continues

43086.jpegHundreds of protesters marched through the centre of Tunis Wednesday, though the city appeared calmer than earlier in the week. The revolution against former President Ben Ali's regime continues to thrive through social media.

With stores reopened, traffic humming, and police standing guard, the atmosphere in the Tunisian capital on Wednesday was relatively normal compared to the violent clashes of previous days.

Still, hundreds of protesters marched through the centre of Tunis Wednesday singing nationalist songs and holding up anti-government signs, France24 reports.

According to euronews, four new ministers resigned within a day of being appointed to the new multi-party cabinet. They are said to be angry at the number of the old guard still in power.

A week after the president fled the country, things are still tense in Tunisia. Scuffles broke out during today's protest, and there was a heavy police presence.

The fragile state of the government is prompting questions about just who is in control of the North African nation, seen as a key ally by the West.


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