Source Pravda.Ru

Indian Navy to get Russian frigate

The Russian-made Tabar frigate will be transferred to the Indian navy at the Baltiisk naval harbor in a solemn setting April 19. (Baltiisk is a seaport in Russia's westernmost Kaliningrad region on the Baltic coast - Ed.) The Tabar is the third such warship to be launched at the St. Petersburg-based Baltic ship-yard for India's navy.

The new warship's factory tests, state tests and trial run were conducted by the Russian Navy's Baltic fleet.

This frigate will be transferred at the main Baltic-fleet base for the first time ever. Sri Krishnan Raghunath, who serves as India's Ambassador to Russia, as well as Vice-Admiral Madan Jeet, commander of the Indian Navy's western fleet, are to attend the official ceremony.

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