Source Pravda.Ru

Igor Ivanov to discuss Kaliningrad region life support in Warsaw

Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov will leave for Warsaw Wednesday. In the Polish capital he will meet President Aleksander Kwasniewski, Chairman of the Council of Ministers Leszek Miller, Foreign Minister Wlodzimiesz Cimoszewicz and Sejm Marshal Marek Borowski. During the visit, the Committee for Russo-Polish Co-operation Strategy Issues, headed by the foreign ministers of the two countries will gather for its first session.

Official spokesman for the Russian foreign ministry Alexander Yakovenko said in a RIA Novosti interview that life support of the Kaliningrad region /Russia's enclave on the Baltic Sea/ will feature prominently at the talks in view of the upcoming EU expansion. The priority issue is non-hindered people and cargo transit between this region and the rest of Russia.

Anti-terrorist co-operation between Russia and Poland will also be touched upon as well as the European security architecture with due account for the new format of Russia-NATO interaction, and Russia-Poland collaboration in the context of the EU's expansion.

The sides also intend to analyse the implementation of the agreements achieved at the Putin-Kwasniewski meetings in January and June 2002. In addition, the parties will discuss preparations for the first session of the Russia-Poland Public Forum, which is meant to overcome history-long negative stereotypes.

In Poland Ivanov will also participate in the ceremony of handing diplomas "For Outstanding Contribution to the Mutual Understanding and Rapprochement between Russian and Polish Societies". On Russia's part, the award will be granted to musical critic Svyatoslav Belza and, on the Polish part, to director Janusz Josefowicz and composer Janusz Stoklosa - the creators of the Metro musical comedy, which is being a success with Moscow public.

Igor Ivanov's visit to Poland will last into June 21st.