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Kursk Submarine Perished Due to Detonation of Torpedoes Within it

The Kursk submarine met its end due to the detonation of torpedoes within the vessel. Ilya Klebanov, head of the government commission for investigation into the causes of the catastrophe, announced this on Wednesday after a meeting of the commission. This was the penultimate meeting, and the official results of the work of the commission will be announced on June 29 in Moscow.

According to Klebanov, during today's meeting, a decision was taken to once and for all reject versions of collisions and detonation of mines dating back to the second world war. So only one version remains which, evidently, will figure in the commission's report.

Klebanov also said that the commission will suggest to the headquarters of the Russian sea fleet that the operation in the Barents Sea should not be continued. According to the head of the committee, all the fragments which have been lifted have already been investigated.

A decision on the fate of the first compartment of the Kursk submarine, which now lies at the bottom of the Barents Sea, will be taken at a meeting on June 19 in Moscow.

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