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Several Russians to be evacuated from Iraq on Saturday

Badly wounded Anatoly Korenkov and some other officials of the Russian-based Interenergoservis company will be evacuated from Iraq on Saturday on board the specialized plane of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

Russian charge d'affaires a.i. in Iraq Ilya Morgunov, head of the consular department of the Russian Embassy in Iraq Bashir Malsagov and the information department of the Emergencies Ministry confirmed these data. Doctors and a reanimobile will be on board.

Most Interenergoservis officials were evacuated by the Emergencies Ministry on Ma 27-28 and June 4. However, doctors prohibited to carry Anatoly Korenkov, who was in the coma.

On Thursday medics of the American military hospital allowed to carry the patient in connection with improvements in his health. Anatoly Korenkov was operated by American doctors for three times in Baghdad.

The doctors gave a written permission to transport Korenkov who is in stable condition now.

Several Interenergoservis officials who were staying in Baghdad decided to fly with Korenkov. According to Ilya Morgunov, apart from the embassy officials, 36 Russians, mainly workers, businessmen and journalists are staying in Iraq today.

"The embassy maintains contacts with everyine,"Mr. Morgunov stressed.

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