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Nigeria: Half of aid not delivered

Nigeria: Half of aid not delivered

This is the reason why many people do not donate to international campaigns targeting Africa, precisely because of this type of story: The Nigerian government itself has admitted that up to half of the food aid destined for Boko Haram victims has not been delivered.

Islamist militants from Boko Haram have caused chaos in northern Nigeria, translated into a situation in which 8,500,000 people are dependent on food aid. The plight of these people is made worse by the fact that up to half of the food aid which was supposed to have been delivered has disappeared. In other words, it has been stolen and sold for profit.

Poor harvests due to a lack of rain have made the situation catastrophic. Another humanitarian disaster looming in Africa because of mismanagement and because someone is selling guns to terrorists.


By Idriss Fall - VOA, Public Domain,


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