Source Pravda.Ru

Suspected Kurdish insurgents bomb train in Turkey, no casualties reported

Suspected Kurdish guerrillas bombed a train in southern Turkey, but caused no casualties, as the guerrilla group planned a news conference in which it will announce a new cease-fire.

The remote-controlled bomb explosion near the southern city of Gaziantep damaged the railway tracks and the train, but its 83 passengers escaped unharmed, the AP reported.

Meanwhile, the autonomy seeking Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, scheduled a news conference Friday in Brussels, where it was expected to declare a new unilaterial cease-fire in hopes of pressuring the Turkish government into dialogue.

The rebels last year declared an end to a five-year unilateral truce, saying Turkey had not reciprocated to the cease-fire. That truce had been called after the 1999 capture of their leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The rebels have waged a 15-year war for autonomy the left 37,000 people dead.

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