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Major Montreal bridge closed all day after man climbs to protest child custody

A major Montreal bridge remained closed all day Monday after a man climbed to the top to push for more rights for fathers in custody cases.

Thousands of angry motorists had to use other bridges to get to work and get back home in communities across the St. Lawrence River from Montreal.

The man, who belongs to a group called Fathers-4-Justice, said he had enough water to stay perched on the Jacques-Cartier Bridge for a few more days.

He had a banner that read: "Papa t'aime," which is French for "Daddy loves you."

Police tried unsuccessfully to talk him down. He said he wants a commission of inquiry into the way fathers are treated in family law.

Similar protests took place on the same bridge last May and on a Vancouver construction site a few weeks ago.

The U.K.-based group has launched protests in many international cities to campaign for greater rights of access to children by divorced fathers, AP reported.

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