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No Taliban Leader Killed In US Airstrikes

No Taliban leader and none of "our guests" had been killed or injured in the US attacks, Taliban Education Minister Amir-Khan Muttaki said Thursday in an interview with NNI news agency. According to him, all Taliban leaders, including Mohammad Omar and Osama bin Ladin, are "alive and kicking". The minister also stressed that there was "no split" among the Taliban leadership, and Foreign Minister Wakil Ahmad Muttawakil had not gone away anywhere and remained in Kandahar. According to The Frontier Post, the Taliban spiritual leader mullah Omar held a conference with field commanders in Kandahar in which Herat province's governor mullah Hairullah participated. A curfew was introduced in Herat. Soldiers were ordered to fire without warning at anyone who would go out after sunset. According to the paper, the participants in the Kandahar conference also decided to broadcast mullah Omar's speeches and exhortations over the radio to "keep the morale of the Taliban army waving a holy war against the US".

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