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Russian Defense Ministry On Attempts To Find Ostensibly Russian Link To Anthrax In U.s.

Attempts of a number of media outlets to find some sort of link to Russia in the situation with anthrax in the United States are "absolutely groundless," the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry told RIA Novosti Friday. Recently, the press service said, it has received an increasing number of inquiries in regard to condition of facilities and resources of radiation, chemical, and biological protection. The press service states that "all facilities of the Ministry of Defense that are in charge of radiation, chemical, and biological protection pose no threat to population and environment." The units of the radiation, chemical, and biological protection force are carrying out scheduled combat preparatory activities. We follow all developments in the world very closely," the press service said. "If need be, appropriate measures to accomplish tasks set for the radiation, chemical, and biological protection force will be undertaken. We have all the necessary resources and capabilities to do so," the ministry stressed.

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