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Thai ice cream vendor attacks dentist for pulling wrong tooth

An ice cream vendor severely slashed a Bangkok dentist with a small sword after accusing him of pulling the wrong tooth, police said Wednesday.

Somboon Saisida, 43, stormed Pornpoj Suriwong's dental clinic on Tuesday and assaulted him over allegations that he mistreated Somboon three years ago by leaving an infected tooth in his mouth and pulling a healthy one, police Lt. Prapas Yongsatar said.

Somboon claimed this error led to weakness in his left arm and leg, and eventually left him incapable of paddling his ice cream tricycle cart, forcing him to stop working.

"The suspect said he wanted to take revenge on the victim (Pornpoj) who made him suffer from performing the wrong treatment on him," Prapas said.

Somboon attacked the dentist with a small sword, breaking his arm and badly cutting his face, police said.

Pornpoj was hospitalized. He told police he doesn't remember treating Somboon.

The ice cream vendor was charged with attempted murder and held in custody pending trial, police said, AP reported. V.A.

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