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Three Britons And One New Zealander Fall Victim To Bin Laden's Plans To Get Access To Nuclear Materials

Osama bin Laden paid 21 million pounds sterling to Chechen militant Arbi Barayev for the murder of three Britons and a New Zealander. The London-based newspaper The Times writes this, citing the film, prepared by B.B.C.-2, which will be shown on Wednesday. Britons Darren Hickey, 27, Peter Kennedy, 46, and Rudolf Petschi, 42, and New Zealander Stanley Shaw, 58, were captured by Chechen terrorists and beheaded. According to the newspaper, the money paid by bin Laden was a payment for the murder of the foreigners and a preliminary payment for the service of Chechens in getting nuclear materials in which the head of al-Qaeda was interested. As the newspaper writes, Arbi Barayev himself told Daghestani Abdurahman Adoukhov about the deal. Adoukhov was allegedly kept hostage together with the Britons and the New Zealander. To prove that he fulfilled the obligations he had assumed Barayev filmed the execution of the three Britons and the New Zealander. The Times quotes Barayev's utterance that "we will now receive 30 million dollars (approximately 21 million pounds sterling)". "We help the Taliban, our brothers from the East wanted this to be done", the terrorist said.

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