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Karelia and Ukraine develop co-operation

The Ukrainian delegation arrives on an official visit in Petrozavodsk (the administrative centre of the Republic of Karelia - northern Russia) on Tuesday.

According to Galina Mikhaleva, the head of the foreign trade and inter-regional ties department of the Karelian economic development and trade ministry, the delegation includes Ukrainian ambassador to Russia Nikolai Beloblotsky, and representatives of Ukrainian ministries and departments.

The guests are going to meet head of Karelia Sergei Katanandov to discuss the development of economic co-operation between this northern Russian republic and Ukraine. In particular, the point at issue will be the signing of direct agreements between the Karelian and Ukrainian enterprises on the delivery of fish processing, fish and beast breeding, and timber industry products from Karelia. Direct agreements will also be discussed on the treatment, rest and recreation of Karelian children at Ukrainian resorts.

Within the framework of the visit members of the Ukrainian delegation will take part in the ceremony of laying the foundation to the Ukrainets fishing ship at the Onezhsky shipbuilding plant in Petrozavodsk.

The Karelian and Ukrainian foreign trade turnover increased over the first nine months of 2003 3.6-fold year-on-year and made up $12.7 million (export - $7.7 million and import - $4.9 million).

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