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Bill Gates receives 4 million spam messages in his email every day

The Microsoft chairman is the world's most spammed person: about 4 million messages arrive in his mailbox on daily basis.

The king of Microsoft his Excellency &to=' target=_blank>Williams Gates and his silent voodoo doll Steve Ballmer are claiming to be the world's most spammed men. Steve Ballmer made the startling claim at the start of a two-day Microsoft-sponsored Asia Leadership Forum in Singapore.

He said Bill gets about four million emails a day, most of them spam. Ballmer was characteristically quiet about how much &to=' target=_blank>spam he gets but said it was his own fault because he tends to shout out his email address [stevebГѓВ] in all public speeches, reports The Inquirer.

According to Xinhua, Bill Gates receives 4 million e-mails a day, but practically an entire department at the company he founded is dedicated to ensuring that nothing unwanted gets into his inbox, the company's chief executive said Thursday.

&to=' target=_blank>Microsoft has special technology that just filters spam intended for Gates. Spam or junk e-mails, regarded as perhaps the biggest threat to the internet, are unsolicited messages sent to many e-mail accounts simultaneously, often indiscriminately.

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