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India and Pakistan stand eye-to-eye

The Indian Defense Minister, George Fernandes, declared on Sunday that India has “enough proof” to accuse the Pakistani secret services (ISI) of implication in the terrorist attack which left 13 dead and 17 injured last week in the Indian capital, new Delhi.

Mr. Fernandes stated that “The cross-border policy of terrorism practised by Pakistan and the role played by this country in Afghanistan have been exposed before the eyes of the world”.

The Indian authorities have declared that they are convinced that the ISI knew about the forthcoming attack by a suicide squad of five men from Pakistani Kashmir, which demands an independent Islamic State of Kashmir.

The New Delhi police chief, Ajai Raj Sharma, said that two of the suicide attackers had been trained by the Pakistani secret services in Pakistani Kashmir. Due to the rising climate of tension, the Pakistani Army has cancelled all leave, in response to which, the Indian Army has stationed troops along the border between Indian Kashmir and Pakistan, declaring that it is “considering all options”.

India and Pakistan, two powers with nuclear weapons, have had three wars since the partition of the British Indian Territories in 1947 created the states of India, East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and West Pakistan (now Pakistan).


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