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Russia welcomes Hamid Karzai's electing head of Afghanistan's transitory administration

Russia welcomes Hamid Karzai's being elected the head of Afghanistan's transitory administration and hopes that his government will do its best to stream the country back in a peaceful line and revive its administrative and social infrastructures, boost the economy as soon as possible, the Russian Foreign Ministry Information and Press Department is quoted by RIA Novosti as saying.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the All-Afghani Emergency Assembly - Loya Jirga,- which took place on June 11-19 in Kabul, "is an important stage of the country's postwar state settlement by achieving national concord, forming stable institutions of power and a lasting political regime." The results of the forum have fixed the line to revive the independent and peaceful Afghanistan, liquidate the centres of international terrorism, religious extremism and drug threat on its territory.

The Russian side promotes extending international economic and humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and it is ready to contribute to the world community's common efforts in this field, the Foreign Ministry remarked.

Moscow is firmly intent to build relations with the new Afghanistan on the basis of friendship, mutual respect and multifaceted cooperation for the sake of our countries and regional security, the Russian Foreign Ministry underlined.

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