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Russia, U.S. would like to extend the timeframe of chemical weapons disposal in their territories

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons begins its session on Monday in the Hague. Delegations from 157 countries, including Russia, which joined the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Stockpiling and the Use of Chemical Weapons will take part in the conference.

Israel, Chad, Libya and a number of other non-member countries will attend the conference as observers.

Gennady Lutai, deputy permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the Organization, said that one of the main questions that will be discussed at the conference will be the request of a number of countries, including Russia and the USA, to extend the timeframe of chemical weapons disposal in their territory.

The conference participants will also analyze Convention member-countries' fulfillment of the national measures to dispose of chemical weapons stockpiles and the Organization's program of action for 2004.

The session participants will elect members of the Organization's executive council. This ruling body, consisting of 41 members, controls the practical implementation on the Convention by its member-countries.

The conference will last till October 24.

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