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Moscow To Play Host To Session Of CIS Council Of Defence Ministers

A session of the Council of the Defence Ministers of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, due in Moscow on November 21, will discuss intensification of anti-terrorist action in the CIS, a spokesman for the staff for coordination of CIS military cooperation said Tuesday. Prominent on the agenda of the Moscow session, to be presided by Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov, will be a total of over 20 issues related to military and military-technological contacts among the CIS member countries. Among other things, to be discussed are drafts of the military-technological cooperation programme and provisions on an inter-state centre for compiling a catalogue of equipment being supplied to the Armed Forces of the CIS countries. Taking part in the Moscow session will be the defence ministers or their plenipotentiary representatives of the all the CIS countries but Turkmenistan, according to the Russian defence ministry.

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